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Free and open-source repository software
 · This list is part of the Open Access Directory. This is a list of free and open-source software for OA repositories, especially for OAI-compliant repositories.When possible, include the name of the individual or organization behind it. Related lists in OAD: (1) Free and open-source journal management software, (2) Free and open-source tools for OA, (3) Services to support repository managers.
IPS Repository Appliance []

MiKTeX Package Repositories

http Online 4/6/2021 33 Brazil ftp Online 4/6/2021 35 Australia https Online 4/6/2021 35 Singapore https Online 4/6/2021 35 India http Online 4/6/2021 44 South Africa https Online
Repository - amm - Sierra Wireless
Anatomy of a repository The following description is mostly for people who browse a repository using a standard web browser and wonder what is where and how everything fits together. A more precise and technical description is in Format.A Debian repository
How to mirror to remote repositories from Bitbucket Server (Stash) | StiltSoft

Maven – Maven Central Repository

 · Maven Central Repository This documentation is for those that need to use or contribute to the Maven central repository. This includes those that need dependencies for their own build or projects that wish to have their releases added to the Maven central repository, even if they don’t use Maven as their build tool.
Accessing Oracle XML DB Repository Data

University of Pennsylvania ScholarlyCommons

ScholarlyCommons is the University of Pennsylvania’s open access institutional repository for gathering, indexing, storing, and making widely available the scholarly output of the Penn community. Reflecting the core values of inclusion, innovation, and impact in the Penn Compact 2022, ScholarlyCommons shares the exceptional works of Penn faculty, staff, and students with a local, national, and
User and Programer Guide — Repository-RI develop documentation
Repository definition, a receptacle or place where things are deposited, stored, or offered for sale: a repository for discarded clothing. See more. Are you aware how often people swap around “their,” “there,” and “they’re”? Prove you have more than a fair grasp over
Blog: Dimas Maryanto - Own your repository by Sonatype Nexus Repository

Nexus Repository Manager

Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.20-02
Using a Local Repository

Oracle Linux Yum Server

Browse the Repositories In addition to the above, there are a wealth of other packages available on this server. Browse the repositories below. Recently released Oracle Linux 8 Oracle Linux 7 Oracle Linux 6 Oracle VM 3 Tutorials, Hands-On Labs and Dig a little
knowhow-server - npm


FlowRepository is a public database of flow cytometry experiments where you can query and download data collected and annotated according to the MIFlowCyt standard. It supports storage, annotation, analysis, and sharing of flow cytometry datasets.
Subversion (SVN) Client

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repository.xml.lock Tue Mar 23 08:30:54 EDT 2021 1 svn-commit.2.tmp Mon Oct 11 12:51:07 EDT 2010 62 svn-commit.tmp Mon Oct 11 12:51:07 EDT 2010 62


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