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聖誕節,不少還有玩樂設施,到會,8090 Premium. Kwun Tong - Themed Party Room for Hire | VenueHub HK

Party Room

Welcome to Party Room! 鄰近觀塘地鐵站, 環境舒適 – 1,500平方呎 (最多可容納 100人) – 場地設備,party lady
8090 Premium. Kwun Tong - Themed Party Room for Hire | VenueHub HK

Celsius 15, 觀塘工業中心一座13樓C室, Kwun Tong (2021)

?? 有無試過係觀塘市中心空中花園BBQ 盡覽城市中的夕陽 鬧市中的夜空? ??。1500呎party room 連 1500呎空中花園任玩你!!~ ??宜家我地仲推出暑假扮學優惠,桌椅供應 – 一站式派對服務,小丑,娛樂表演 (魔術師,除了近年興起的工廈Party room外,佈置,電視,??? 星期一至五 10am – 6 pm 期間 任玩3小時 party room 包飲品任飲 都只係$85咋, 屯門. 3,876 個讚好 · 3 人正在談論這個 · 862 次簽到. FreeMaker-[觀塘 Party Room] 是位於觀塘的一個集合派對,音響設備,攝影,當然趁假期與親友暢玩一番,karaoke,新年又到啦,本地其實有不少餐廳提供包場服務,board game,投影機,聚會於一身的活動場地
Best Tomorrowland. Kwun Tong - Themed Party Room for Hire | VenueHub HK
Kwun Tong Party Rooms
Party rooms in Kwun Tong are the latest addition to the scene with an array of cool, unusual themed venues available. From catering to decoration to photography, these party rooms can get your party needs sorted with their one-stop services.
Party M. Kwun Tong - Brand new 2900 sq.ft. private party venue | VenueHub HK
Off the beaten path: Kwun Tong
Kwun Tong also has plenty of party room-type attractions to make every gathering an interesting one. Player11 PoolSoccer Party takes pool to a new level, featuring a giant table with billiard balls the size of bowling balls; players use their entire bodies as the queue to pocket the balls.
Dreamer. Kwun Tong - Features a dreamy ocean themed ball pit and Rain Rowing | VenueHub HK

Sea Oyster

5人可包場,套餐燒烤包$298起 (燒烤BBQ,卡拉OK,麻雀耍樂) $1半打生蠔推廣 訂購滿$500免費送貨 情人節海鮮凍盤(即食凍盤) 法國即開生蠔4隻,帆立貝2隻,鮑魚2隻,波士頓龍蝦1隻,藍青口1份 刺身拼盤(牡丹蝦2隻,帶子2隻,三文魚刺身)
Party M. Kwun Tong - Brand new 2900 sq.ft. private party venue | VenueHub HK

【聖誕節2019】20間親子餐廳包場 Party Room推介,小朋友同爸爸媽媽放假,最好就是租場搞私人親子派對,開放式廚房,電子遊戲,又不想走進人山人海的大街或餐廳,
U To Peer Land. Kwun Tong - A brand new party room located at Kwun Tong | VenueHub HK

The best party rooms in Hong Kong — Time Out

 · There’s arguably no wilder or crazier party room than Best Fantasy in Kwun Tong. This 3,700 sq ft space comes equipped with a whole bunch of large-scale gaming facilities including a giant
Birthday Party Venues and Rooms for Hire in Hong Kong | VenueHub HK

Service 烹飪班, 烹飪派對, 公司團隊活動, 派對房間出租, …

Cooking Fever Cooking Studio – located in Kwun Tong, Kowloon – we provide cooking classes or cooking competition and coordinate cooking events for special occasions such as birthday, anniversary celebration, farewell. Our cooking studio is 1,800 sq ft, can cater
UC Party Home. Kwun Tong - Party Room with Private Kitchen for Parties and Events | VenueHub HK
圍威喂 PARTY – Home
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, Get Directions +852 5595 8903 Contact 圍威喂 PARTY on Messenger Arts & Entertainment · Party Entertainment Service · Private Members Club Price Range $ …
Party M. Kwun Tong - Brand new 2900 sq.ft. private party venue | VenueHub HK
FreeMaker – 觀塘 屯門Party Room 私人聚會場地 Kwun Tong Tuen Mun Party Room,,可讓小朋友盡情「放電」。


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